Personal Trainers Cashbook Tips

October 21, 2020

Personal Trainer

What does a business plan do for you or your business? Business plans provides clarity and direction. Business is more about thinking than execution. Execution is a consequence of thought. Without the thinking process your business could find itself meandering along a winding path into nowhere. At any level, business is a resource allocation issue. That is, where and how do I apply my resour

January 6, 2020

Personal Trainer

Did you know you can get a tax deduction for putting money into your super.If no one is contributing to your super fund then you won’t have much when you want to retire.There are tax implications when you claim your super contributions so make sure you speak with us to see if it’s right for you.

December 10, 2019

Personal Trainer

Keeping your records has three major benefits: Firstly, if anyone comes checking you can always back up your claim Secondly, you can be certain that you've picked up all your expenses. Having the invoices or receipts ensures you are not forgetting anything. How often do we buy something, that is an expense, and throw the receipt into the never ending black hole only to be forgotten for