Well you're in luck, eCashbooks have come up with the simple, and yes we do mean "Simple", alternative that will keep your business in check, provide your accountant with the information they need and keep the tax man happy.

Slash Accounting & Bookkeeping Costs

Multi user system means your staff, your bookkeeper, your accountant can access the system including the App at any time to streamline your data recording.

Here's a few great things your Clients' eCashbook can do...

  • No useless clicking to get things done.
  • No useless clicking to create confusion.
  • Track unpaid Invoices.
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Invoicing
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Quotations
  • Motor Vehicle Logbook Tracking
  • Dashboard Snapshot
  • Simple and quick data entry.
  • Enter transactions through the App, Spreadsheet layout or data screen entry.
  • Meaningful limited reports.
  • BAS information ready for myGov or your accountant.
  • Enter transactions away from your desk.
  • Prefilled expense categories tailored to your business.
  • Create invoices and quotes instantly at your device or in the field.
  • Easy edit if you get things wrong.
  • Nice little help videos in the off chance you need some guidance.
  • Everything on ONE screen makes it easy to see what’s going on.

Keep your income and expenses in check with a simple, easy to use Web and App based bookkeeping system that you don't have to be an accountant to operate.

ABOUT eCashBooks

Get your life back and get on board with eCashBooks. Up and going in minutes, maybe even seconds. The familiar spreadsheet look without all the spreadsheet hassles and our handy app allows you to record your transactions whilst you are out and about.

  • Select the eCashBook that best suits your client.
  • Log onto the Cashbook you choose and register.
  • Download the CES (Cashbook Entry System) App from Google play store or Apple store.

Lots of SIMPLE stuff going on here, so it must be SIMPLE.
And as a special BONUS we'll even throw in some USEFUL reports that are smart enough to help you with your BAS and make your accountant happy.

  • Record your Income and Expenses Simply
  • Create the necessary reports
  • And most importantly, keep the Tax Man Happy

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eCashBooks are a simple bookkeeping alternative to complex accounting software.



Why use a cashbook?

Cashbooks are just simple.  It's as simple as that. 

Cashbooks have been around for donkey's years before computers even graced the planet.  Then comes along the advent of major accounting software providers and their focus seems to have been on providing comprehensive systems for all businesses.  A one size fits all approach. 

So, whether you were doing 200,000 a year or $20 million a year your choice of accounting systems to suit your business was effectively limited to MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks.  If they were all too big for you, your only real alternative was a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, basic bookkeeping has been swallowed up and complicated by the high-tech accountants.  The small or micro business has been overlooked and has been largely over complicated.  All you really need is a simple cashbook system that records your income and expenses and gives you some insight into your small business performance.

What do I need to get started?

All you need to kick things off is to sign up with your name and email address.  You can trial the eCashbook system for the first month without charge.  Once you've established your account, grab your phone and go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the CES (Cashbooks Entry System) App. 

The Username and password you have for your online account will work with your App.

The CES App will allow you to enter receipts, payments and generate Invoices whilst your away from your office. You can even do your motor vehicle log if you need to. 

Now open web page, go to the HELP button to get an overview - it won't take long, then start entering your transactions.

Is my personal information secure?

Of course.  Apart from your business transactions, we require minimal personal information to get you up and going.  The less we know about you, the less that can "others" could access if given a chance.  Our security is world standard and your personal information is not disclosed to any third parties.  

What if I have questions along the way.?

We've made our cashbooks pretty simple, but don't stress, you have access to an online accountant if you feel you're stuck.  You can use either our live chat option or our contact us facility.  You also have access to our help area which provides video and text content for you to learn which is located in the top right of your eCashbooks software.

What payment options do we accept?

We accept the usual Visa, Mastercard payment system, through Braintree, a highly reputable payment gateway provider.  All payments are conducted through a SSL secured credit card system.  Your details are safeguarded by the Merchant authorities and are not retained by us.

Can I use my Cashbook when I am out of my office?

Yes of course, each eCashbook comes with added extras.  We've given a lot of thought on how small businesses can capture the data they need in a simple and easy way.  The more you get in the habit of recording your transactions on the go, the less time you need to undertake the desk work and cut into your personal time. 

Just download the CES (Cashbooks Entry System) App from Google Play store or from the Apple store.  The App provides you with only the three most important things you need to do, record your income, record your expenses and the ability to generate an Invoice on the go, It also records you vehicle log if needed.  And your cashbook is automatically updated to reflect any data you have entered whilst away from your desk.  

It is simple, it is easy, and it's designed for small and micro businesses that don't need all the features of top end systems that most software providers provide.