Our solution is simple
Just really, really, really, simple software

Our Solution

Get it done in the car, at the hardware, at Maccas...

  • Create Invoices
  • Enter Income
  • Enter Expenses

And even get your vehicle log book done!

The home office has never looked tidier...

  • Simple & Quick data entry.
  • Enter Transactions through your App, Spreadsheet layout or data entry screen.
  • Meaningful limited reports.
  • BAS information ready for myGov or your accountant.
  • Everything on ONE screen makes it easy to see what's going on.

Think about it.....
As a Plumber what do you really need to do?

Get peace of mind

Record my Income
& Expenses Simply

Get your refund fast

Create an Invoice or Quote when you need to

Get all your deductions

Keep the Tax Man Happy

Get your life back and get on board the Plumber's Cashbook.

Up and going in minutes, maybe even seconds.

The familiar spreadsheet look without all the spreadsheet hassles.

Enough little creature benefits to get the job done.

Cheap as chips and simple enough for a trained monkey to use.

Give it a go, the first month is on us, so you have nothing to lose.


The Plumber Cashbook is NOT packed with useless features.

  • Record your expenses in a SIMPLE way.
  • Record your income in a SIMPLE way.
  • Create an invoice in a SIMPLE way.

Lots of SIMPLE stuff going on here, so it must be SIMPLE.
And as a special BONUS we'll even throw in some USEFUL
reports and an ABN lookup function to make sure that the
ones you deal with are on the up and up.

Website Screen
The Plumber Cashbook is a simple bookkeeping alternative to
complex accounting software.

And there's more.....
The Plumber Cashbook is beer and footy COMPATIBLE.

That means you can do your book work without losing focus
on your favourite game or beverage.

  • Record your income on the go
  • Record your expenses on the go
  • Generate invoices while you're with your customers
  • Track your motor vehicle use

All that when you download the App

app login Screen